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The temperate climate and calcareous soils make the area suitable for olive growing and the not too heavy rainfall allows the drupes to ripen slowly. The olive trees, in accordance with the principles of organic farming, do not undergo any chemical treatment and guarantee extreme authenticity.

The cultivars come from Tuscany and give the oil characteristics that make it a complex and unique product:
⦁ the Frantoio variety gives an intense green colour with faint yellow notes, medium to strong intensity, elegance and broad vegetable tones reminiscent of thistle and artichoke on an almond background;
⦁ the rustic and imposing Moraiolo makes the oil intensely fruity, decidedly bitter and spicy with hints of leaves and fine woody notes;
Leccino gives the aroma of ripe olives and vegetable scents, and a slight bitter and spicy sensation.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil naturally rich in polyphenols that lend a wonderful aroma to any combination, from freshly picked garden salads to the finest gastronomic dishes.

Orgolio della Poderina is a product of the highest quality, elegant, with a pronounced scent of freshly mown grass and a character as strong as its balanced spicy and bitter aroma.

All of its production phases take place in Tuscany, according to the Production Regulations of the Consortium for the Protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI.

Orgolio is distinguished by its integrity, authenticity and stability, as determined by chemical analyses to which it is regularly subjected.